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Lore-Master, How to Ruin the Orcs' Day

Lore-Masters are one of the best classes in the game to play once mastered. LMs get powerful pets to tank and draw attention while they cast spells and weave tricks for the enemy. While many people think that LMs were inspired by Gandalf, this is ...
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On the way to victory: A captains guide

Class Overview: What Is A Captain?Captains are an extremely versatile class being able to tank, heal and damage in groups. The class excels in this kind of situation by making everyone's lives around them better through buffs. A buff is a bonus ap...
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Champion -- A Question of Damage

Massive Murdery Damage on a Single Orc or Hacky, Slashy Murdery Mayhem on Many Orcs at Once?This is the question that I've been bouncing around for a while, ever since I dusted off long neglected Sigath in an attempt to find some enjoyment with th...
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