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Love the LOTRO Wiki (amazing considering that use of any wiki is totally not acceptable for APA anything). Here is a neat list of the different armor sets available and the necessary stages of rebuilding the settlement; in order to have access to each piece within the class and trait set you select.

Hytbold is in Rohan and the necessary level to trigger the quest series is 84. Once you reach level 84, your character will receive a letter, via in-game mail, to ride into a charred town to meet Edgal. He is standing outside of the burned remains of the Hytbold Mead Hall.

Hytbold info link:

The above link has a list of quests to help rebuild Hytbold by earning tokens and increasing faction reputation; necessary to unlock new, rebuildable segments within the various districts that make up the settlement of Hytbold.

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