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Kin Update

Tan / May 18, 2015
Woooo 2 days till the Spring festival :)

Also please lets not forget we have TeamSpeak available for all to use :)

I have added a thread for peeps on Virtues as a quick guide to help coz it can all get very confusing spesh for my marshmallow brain :P

And also i will be making a creepside kin called '' Another brick in the wall'' so just tell me in kin and i will hop over and add you :)


HA HA HA HA HA You chose 'Another Brick in the Wall'!!!! lol
I love it!

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Update on Spring Festival 2015
As you may have noticed, the Spring Festival went live and there were no new rewards this year. This was not intentional. We actually have some new rewards for you, they however decided that they were not going to show up.

In light of this, we are turning off the festival for now and will reschedule it to go live a little closer to summer, on June 9th. This will be around the time of Update 16.1 and will fit in with what we already have as a scheduled downtime for the update.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and we do hope you will enjoy the new rewards once we have turned back on the Spring Festival and everything is working as intended.
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