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Developer's Diary - Consolidation of LotRO worlds and character transfers information.

Moonlitrose (Kimmi) / Jul 27, 2015

The link below contains information about the new transfer system and how the moves are expected to occur for moving characters and belongings from world shutting down to the ten worlds that will remain. This outline provides enough information to let us know what we can expect, how to go through the transfer process, and a working timeline of when these changes will begin. There is one specific FAQ about Brandywine lag issues as well;

Q. What about Lag on Brandywine?

A. Brandywine will be made unavailable as a transfer destination until that server is moved to newer hardware and performance improvements are confirmed.


Any chance we get rid of reduced awareness after this is all complete? lol
Hope so. It appears they are closing Brandywine to any transfers until after that server is moved to the new hardware system and they see that it is stable. From what I understand with the article, transfer to the other remaining servers will be available once the players of the servers to be closed are informed. So if those players want to transfer to the other 9 worlds, they can do so, however; if they choose to transfer to Brandywine, they will have to wait until Brandywine is reopened for transfer service.
Another neat piece of info, the Bounder's Garden (in Michel Delving) is there as a memorial for players to see activity during the Bounder's event for the retired worlds as well as the 10 remaining worlds included in the consolidation effort.
We were not sure if it was there for a limited time, perhaps for the Summer Festival, or summer season.

Photo posted by Leixy in the Lotro forums, July 4, 2015.
Alot of peeps have been affected by the lag and the stupid prices that are on BW now so i will hole a vote maybe on if peeps want to move the kin to a different server

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