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1. No Trolling

2. Kinchat shall be civilized; no fighting or inappropriate language.
- Rude comments are not accepted.
- You will not jest about a topic or person if the person has expressed their desire for you not to.
- There will be no fighting in kinchat.
- There will be no bullying in kinchat.


3. Officers who have not logged in for more than 30 days will be demoted. Kinsmen who have not logged in for 90 days will be demoted. To avoid this, notify Tanlisha of your absence before you leave.

4. No Harassment of neither kinmates nor people outside of the kin.

5. If you are deemed fit after 30 days you will be promoted. Do not ask for promotions


6. You are not allowed to be rude in OOC channels.

7. One must inform officers about leaving, if they are intending to take a major trip.

8. Please put the names of your alternate characters in the notes section of the kinship panel. If you need help with this, ask an officer or kin member.

9. No general selling to kin members, ie crafting items you may have gathered or other items we give in our kin. Please use auction house to sell to world for whatever gold you want. Use kin auction house to sell to 'kinnies' but NEVER FOR PROFIT. Thanks. (There is a 'check-box' for kin-only AH listings when listing an item for sale.)


10. Pay it forward. In this kinship we have several generous crafters. We encourage this. If you can help fellow kin with anything from crafted items to raw materials, please do. If you can't help back at the time... wait until you can and work on levelling your crafting skills. But please while you may feel free to ask for particular items in kinship chat, don't be demanding. We will also help with questing, skirmishes and instances if anyone is available. Obviously, we all have our own things we need to do and our time can be limited, so respect each other's time and be patient if receiving help. Remember to give thanks!!! Our kinship is built around helping others, be careful not to abuse this. Lack of appreciation and demanding help is a sure sign of abuse and will not be tolerated.

11. No Power leveling unless in rare circumstances.


12. Although this kin is family friendly, we request that new members are of age 18+. We try to be aware of the younger members who are currently in the kin, however; as most of our kin membership consists of people college-age and up, the language and content of discussions can be somewhat mature in nature. Also, LOTRO does include a disclaimer about age appropriate content and mentions the game includes tobacco and alcohol related activities. To keep in accordance with these details, effective August 1, 2015, we are accepting players age 18+. Thank you for your understanding of our attempt to make the kin a friendly environment for our members.


13. Remember...... HAVE FUN :)